Cisco 3750 ios upgrade failed

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The last octet in the configuration register must be set to 2 , or the router will ignore the boot system commands completely. For instance, if the last octet of the configuration register is set to 1 , the router will boot from ROM and ignore the boot system commands. The config-register command allows you to set the appropriate configuration register values:. It will survive a reload without being saved.

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In fact, the new setting will not take effect until after the next reload:. After setting the appropriate boot system commands and reloading the router, you can see which image file the router used to boot with the show version command:. In this case, the router says that it loaded its IOS image from slot0: After changing your boot system commands, you should be sure to reboot and verify that it behaved as expected. If you do have problems with the boot system command, connect to the console and reload the router. This will display any error messages as the router boots.

The router does not capture these messages anywhere, so this is the only way to see them. Beginning with IOS Version Essentially, all boot system command lines are now placed between two permanent boot markers located within the configuration file.

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These markers cannot be erased and make locating the boot system commands easy. The following is an example of a router using boot markers:. Notice that all of the boot system commands have been automatically placed between the start boot marker and the end boot marker. The files are also listed in order of boot preference.

Replace a Failed Cisco 3850 Switch in a Stack

In this case, the boot markers will still appear in the configuration file, but no boot system commands will accompany them:. I cant connect via telnet using tera term win7 , can't I ping it or the port which I had the network cable light up - DOA. Funny thing is that after I closed the 'progress' window I was able to access the web page again for about 20 seconds and then I lost connection.

Also, http: Future suggestion, use the CLI to do upgrades and not the web interface. Web interface is hit or miss, CLI is the preferred method. The one you're licensed for. Else wise, ipservicesk9 should handle most of what you would want to use it for.

Recovering a Corrupt Cisco IOS Image on a Catalyst Switch | Free CCNA Workbook

I just have solid green lights - syst,hps,mastr,stat,duplx,speed,stack,poe. Use TFTP method defined in my second link. Also, use putty.

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Or will it not even go to rommon? Do you get any output from the console using a Cisco console cable not a patch cable, the Cisco console cable is a "Roll over" cable?

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  8. If you are getting the boot messages, you should be able to enter rommon mode and tell the switch to boot to the old IOS. Like Jaguar said, you have to use the one you are licensed for. The Enterprise models in the earlier model number descriptions used the IP Services or higher.

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    Unless the switch was ordered specifically with the enteprise feature set loaded higher cost , it will have the IP Base IOS loaded. The http server consumes a lot of memory and only gives un-authorized personel another path to attack a switch. Of course, you can use tftp or any other supported protocol: Switch show boot BOOT path-list: Auto upgrade: The proper command is this one, run in configure terminal mode: Running show boot again will now list the new image: To update other members in a running stack once you have prepared the master, you must copy and enable the image on each of them as follows: Switch copy flash1: Destination filename [cadvipservicesk9-mz.

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