Need for speed hot pursuit nokia lumia 710

You'll be working at both games as quickly as you can to get your gamer points and achievements. Hot Pursuit is also a thoroughly modern mobile game - steering is done though the accelerometer and turning the phone as if it was the wheel, with other controls such as deploying oil slicks or spikes to harass the chasing cars on the touch screen.

It's also nice to see that the Mango fast-app switching is present here, which is handy because the 'change camera view' on-screen icon is right next to the Bing search icon on for example the Lumia fascia, and my finger did slip a few times.

Need for Speed Game in Windows Phone?

No worries, I just tapped back and was returned straight to the action. In terms of gameplay, there's no doubt that Hot Pursuit is stylish and it certainly looks the part of a modern 3D racing game on the screen. You've got your three camera viewpoints while driving high and to the back, on the bonnet, and on the bumper but you'll also be taken out of the car when something spectacular happens - such as when a speeding racer appears for the first time, or you ram a police car and it does a pretty barrel roll across the road.

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The speed of the graphics is probably the most comforting thing. EA who are behind the NFS series have had some dodgy versions of this series on mobile platforms, but I'm happy to report that Hot Pursuit is very much in line with the quality you would expect from a home console. This looks like you would expect a modern driving game to look. It is clearly an arcade game though.

Take the "nitro" boost that you have. If you're a racer, behind a cop car, and hit the boost, you get thrown up the road and reach the end of the course in a quicker time - but for some reason the car you are tailing will not leap any closer towards you. Neither will a head on collision with other traffic on the road stop your driving. You'll just push that truck along in front of you and drive a little bit slower. At some point the NFS series will work out how to handle the momentum when you hit something else - but until then it will remain a bouncy, fun, knockabout arcade game.

And can I just say that there is nothing wrong with that.

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For the die hard gamers, that will be enough for you to make your purchase decision. For everyone else, I think the trial is vital on this one to see how well you get on with the play mechanics.

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NFS: Hot Pursuit for Nokia Lumia – Free download games for Windows Phone smartphones

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  • Need for Speed Game in Windows Phone?!

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Join Date Aug Posts Now, you could also play these HD games in your windows handset. You can download these games from these websites which are as given below: All the best. Join Date Jun Posts Need For Speed has many versions of racing games. Need For Speed Undercover.

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