Best audio recorder for iphone 5

Rev offers a low-cost and reliable transcription service , but it also has a recording app. You can trim the recording as well as email and save it in Dropbox, Evernote , and Google Drive.

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The app can record in the background, which is especially handy. For those who use Rev's transcription services, the best feature is that you can press the Transcribe button to submit your file. It also lets you add notes to recordings, and gives you an ad-free experience. Free Android RecForge II records in mono or stereo, lets you skip silences, start recording at a scheduled time, convert to several file formats, and export to a variety of cloud storage services. You can also use the app to extract sound from videos.


Pricing depends on Evernote plan iOS , Android If you already have Evernote, then you can utilize its recording feature by opening a note and clicking the microphone icon. You can't edit or send the recording, however. The second you open the app, it starts recording. You can set it to capture 7- to second messages that can be set to automatically save to Dropbox or Evernote or get emailed to you.

Pricing is by subscription: That's because some states require that both parties on a call consent to recording. Tetra is made specifically to record and place using VoIP calls. It takes care of the consent law by playing an announcement at the beginning of the call that the call is being recorded.

The announcement can be turned off though, leaving legal compliance up to the operator. It also includes a 5-minute recording of instructions that explains its other features. Listening to the instructions are not as good though as having an audio-visual manual, but it does walk you through step-by-step the features that may not be obvious when using the app.

The sound quality is great, providing settings for low You can set up the feature to detect sounds at a certain threshold level. Set it to a low threshold and it will detect voices in a room and stop the recording when very little or no sound is detected. You can even set a time to end a recording.

This is great for dictating notes and recording interviews and lectures. All recordings are automatically saved and can be retitled. An info button in the menu bar provides the time, date, file size, and length of recordings, but it also includes a feature to snap photos to capture the location of the recordings. The hard part comes when you have to sit down and actually transcribe the audio files. Sure, there is an easy way.

15+ Best Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone

Voice Recorder and Audio Editor. Must Read: A very sleek UI you get a record button on the bottom and you press that to record your files and then save the file. Well if you buy an in-app purchase, you get an option to transcribe all your recordings. You can save the files on iTunes account. Plus you get passcode protection for your files for added security. One of the more advanced recorders on the app store, VRP is full of intuitive features which would be very useful for a journalist but you can use it as a personal recording device as well just like a dictaphone.

9 Voice-Recorder Apps That Won't Miss a Second |

You can customize most of the attributes of your recording and when you press the record button, it prompts you to set those attributes first. When the recording starts you get a digital meter that has a needle which deviates with your audio levels to indicate active recording. The dead air is automatically removed from the final clip based on this bar. You also get the option to add tags that can be edited for more clarity.

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Once the recording is finished and you get the option to share the file in multiple ways. VRP gives you a few editing features including trimming, append, effects echo, reverb, volume, distortion etc.

iPhone 5 Recording Drums - A Comparison

As much as students hate taking notes , it is still important to keep notes and this app comes as a godsend. I am not exaggerating at all. AudioNote2 is a digital notebook with a sound recorder built in. You hit the record button and start taking notes. The recordings are saved on iCloud and you can choose Dropbox or even your phone to save the file.

9 Voice-Recorder Apps That Won't Miss a Second

Sharing is easy and you can do it on multiple platforms. Other features like import audio from the phone and higher quality recordings are available in the paid version. Download AudioNote2 from the Appstore free, in-app purchases. How do you keep a record of a lecture with students and a lot of noise or a business meeting with a lot of arguments?

HT Professional Recorder makes it possible to record conversations throughout a large room, even in situations where the people talking are located several feet away from the phone. It reinforces soft voices — even whispers — ideal for college lectures, board meetings, and conferences, as well as dictation. Automatically skips silence during recording. You start recording with this app and it automatically amplifies the voices. If there are a lot of dead spaces you can just activate the skip silence button while it would cut that part out in the final cut but you can choose to save it separately.